Mindful Test

1. When I'm walking, I deliberately notice the sensations of my body moving.
2. I'm good at finding words to describe my feelings.
3. I perceive my feelings and emotions without having to react to them.
4. I watch my feelings without getting lost in them.
5. I pay attention to sensations, such as the wind in my hair or sun on my face.
6. In difficult situations, I can pause without immediately reacting.
7. When I have distressing thoughts or images, I am able just to notice them without reacting.
8. I notice visual elements in art or nature, such as colors, shapes, textures, or patterns of light and shadow.
9. I pay attention to how my emotions affect my thoughts and behavior.
10. I can usually describe how I feel at the moment in considerable detail.
Your Marks :
Mindfulness Level
  1. Achieve 50-40 Satisfaction Level and Maintain It with Ease using Mindfulness Applications!
  2. If you’re in the 40-30 range, Appreciate the Progress and Make Mindfulness a Daily Life Practice!
  3. For those between 20-10, it’s Time to Improve. Embrace Mindfulness Practices for a Balanced Life!
  4. If you’re below 10, Dive Deeper with Our Mindfulness Programs Tailored to Your Needs!
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